This website shares hundreds of photos for free. But, if you want, there are other ways to enjoy them, including printed books. While a well-calibrated monitor probably gives the best fidelity in reproduction, nothing can compare the feeling of browsing through sheets of real paper (of course, the good quality one, with the appropriate weight) and smelling the ink and the glue.

These products are made available by means of Blurb, the world-leading print-on-demand publisher. By picking an item, you will be redirected to their website in order to finalize the buy.

I'm aware that prices are high, in spite of the fact that I've picked a very low mark-up, just a few euros per book. This technology is still expensive. As a cheaper alternative, each book is also available in form of a downloadable PDF for a few euros.

The prices listed below are approximated and not comprehensive of local taxes and delivery rates — the actual price will be shown at the Blurb website once you've been redirected there. Please click on the format option you like.

Birds, portfolio 1

This book of 80 pages features 38 full-page photos of birds (see the related gallery). All printed editions are bound with a hardcover and matte finish paper. Available in the following formats:

  • large format (33 x 28 cm, 13 x 11 in, approx. 88 €)
  • small format (25 x 20 cm, 10 x 8 in, approx. 48 €)
  • PDF eBook (approx. 5 €) — please select “Instant PDF version” when you land at the Blurb page