About me

Et eunt homines mirari alta montium
et ingentes fluctus maris
et latissimos lapsus fluminum
et oceani ambitum
et gyros siderum
et relinquunt se ipsos

St. Augustine, Confessiones, X, 8,15

I'm Fabrizio Giudici, born in Genoa, Italy. I'm a software engineer and I run my own small company. But if you're here, I guess it's because you're interested in my photography activities. This site focuses on my travel photography: it contains many galleries and a few technical articles. It's still a “work in progress” thing as, for instance, many shots from the past are being re-processed to comply with my latest taste and competence in colour management.

My relationship with photography is tightly related with my travels: I bought my first Minolta SLR in 1996, when I started regular travelling for business reasons. For some years I wasn't really serious about it: it was just casual, P-mode shooting. Now, after many years, I'm definitely more committed.

A short equipment history

Only in 2000, just before leaving for San Francisco, I planned to exclusively dedicate a few days to photography: I was fascinated by the Big Sur and Yosemite, that I knew by means of some books. For that circumstance I decided that it was high time I took technique more seriously: so I bought a more sophisticated body, with full exposure control, and switched from negative to slide films.

The journey results were promising, so in 2001 I started planning about building a serious lens system. I got rid of the previous equipment (based on cheap zoom lenses) and picked the Nikon brand: an F-80 body and my first prime lenses (you can learn more about my equipment here). As the years passed by, I was dedicating more and more time to photography. Also, where possible, I opted for driving in place of flying: a straight line is the fastest travel solution, but also the most boring one. In this way I began exploring Italy and Europe. Birds became a primary interest too, and this brought a long tele lens into my arsenal.

The second revolution happened in 2003, when I took my last film shot and entered the digital world. It really was a quantum leap, not only for the better features digital provided, such as the capability of switching ISO on the fly, but also for the possibility of immediately looking at the results and learn from errors.

In 2012 I owned many prime lenses and a single ultra-wide zoom. I realised that the prime lens approach, made for privileging image quality, was causing some problems, mostly the fact that sometimes I was just missing some photos for my laziness in changing lenses. I decided for an experimental year with a 18-70mm lens and a temporary ban on the prime lenses in that focal range. It was a success.

While I was evaluating a possible upgrade of the 18-70mm lens, I also realised that more and more frequently my photographic expeditions were a pain because of my increasing neck and back problems. So at the end of 2013 I looked at the mirrorless world, that was promising less weight for the same image quality. At the beginning I was highly sceptical and did a lot of research; then I bought a Sony NEX-6 and a couple of lenses to start a new experiment. After a few months of accurate evaluation and experience on the field with Sony products, another revolution happened: I decided to permanently switch and currently my Nikon stuff is being phased out.

Questo sito non è una testata giornalistica in quanto è aggiornato senza alcuna periodicità; non può pertanto essere considerato un prodotto editoriale ai sensi della legge n. 62 del 7.03.2001.