L'Oliveto Granducale

Walking along the “Olive Road” at Parco della Maremma at a certain point you enter a gate and find yourself in an ancient olive groove. The trees are a couple of centuries old, so I call it the "Oliveto Granducale" (Duke's Olive Groove), from the name of the lord that ruled here in the past.

Oliveto Granducale (Parco della Maremma, Italy). Nikon D100 + AF-S 12-24G @ 17mm, 1/180 sec @ f / 13, +2/3 EV, ISO 200

Path in the Olive Groove (Parco della Maremma, Italy). Nikon D100 + AF 85 f/1.8D, 1/180 sec @ f / 8, -2/3 EV, ISO 200