The diary makes it possible to access collections of photos grouped by date. Please first select the year, then pick the desired gallery in the calendar.

To properly enjoy the galleries you need a recent browser supporting JavaScript. With the small icons at the top of the gallery screen you can play and pause the automatic slideshow, or manually move forward and backward, or display a lightbox with small thumbnails of the whole gallery. Each individual photo slide can be bookmarked, even when the automatic slideshow is on (in rare circumstances a bookmarked slide could later become unavailable, if I decided to withdraw a specific photo for some reasons). Further technical information is at the bottom of the page.

All the published material is copyrighted by Fabrizio Giudici and can't be used without the author's written permission. Personal use (e.g. as a desktop wallpaper) is allowed. I'm making my photos viewable for free and without annoying visible watermarks: please respect my copyright and terms of use. Be aware that photos carry an invisible watermark that makes it possible to discover copyright infringements, even when images are resized and printed.

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In recent years photo captions have been written in the language of the place where they have been taken. Captions in languages other than Italian and English probably need a review; if you spot an error, please drop me a line. Thanks.

Images are optimised for a generic computer display, with resolution up to 4K (such as Apple Retina). Accurate rendering of an image in a computer display is something more complex than one would expect but, if you don't want to read the full story, you can do just two simple things: look at the grayscale blocks at the bottom of this page and adjust the brightness and contrast of your browser so that all tones can be distinguished (especially the darkest and the brightest ones). Also, if you have access to a display feature called “colour temperature”, make sure that the white background of this page really looks neutral white, that is it doesn't have a reddish, yellowish or blueish cast (if you're looking through a tablet or a smartphone, I fear there's nothing to do about this issue and images will appear with some blueish cast).