Trees filling voids

Saturday, April 22, 2006 — Saint Leonidas of Alexandria
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The village of Gourdon is known as “Nid d’Aigle” (eagle’s nest) because it was built on the top of a ravine. If you want to capture its essence you must use a wide-angle lens so you can get at least a part of the ravine into the frame. If you shoot in a crystal-clear day and there are no clouds in the sky, you face with a problem: how to “avoid the void”? Empty room in a photo is not necessarily a problem in my opinion, and in some shoots I don’t dislike big portions of deep blue sky; but I think it wouldn’t be good in this case. The problem can be easily solved by searching for a tree and letting it fill the void. I think it works particularly fine when the tree has no foliage (or it just has buds such as in this case) since you can still see the sky through.

More photos from this session are available in the diary.

Nikon D100 + Nikkor 12-24mm ƒ/4G DX AF-S @ 24 mm, 1/350 sec @ ƒ/8, ISO 200.